Dreams: John 3:16-21

Made by Kevin Lee

Created: November 17th, 2014


Artistic Explanation

For this project, I wanted to set a dreamy, trancy tone to give the listener the experience of hearing these words in a dream-like state. A slow, electric piano loops was used for the main background track along with a conga groove. They're very mellow tracks that catch the listeners attention and sets the proper mood for the vocals. The main vocal track was duplicated, pitch shifted down, and recombined with the original in order to give it a slightly creepy and more authoritative effect since it is a girls voice. Additionally, alternative takes of the recording are filtered and play constantly in the background to make the track more busy and give the listener a sense of picking out the main vocal in a mix of confusion. There are also smaller cuts from the vocals that have effects applied to them and looped throughout the track.

Technical Explanation

Main Vocal: First, the vocal was EQ'd. Boosts were made at 350hz and 1700hz, which corresponds to the speaker's formants. The vocals were then compressed with a large threshold/ratio to eliminate any dynamics in the vocals and make it easier to mix. The output was then bussed to reverb and tape delay auxiliary channels.

Pitched Vocals: Same as main vocal and pitch shifted down 12 semitones.

Electric Piano: Looped and cut at 3db at 350hz and 1700hz to allow the vocal to cut through more clearly.

Filtered Vocal 1: No compression. Bussed to reverb and cut below 30hz and above 1000hz

Filtered Vocal 2: No compression. Bussed to reverb and cut below 6000hz and above 18khz

Loops: There were several looped vocal cuts. One was pitch shifted down 12 semintones and had it's vocal formants cut 3db. Others were pitch shifted up with an additional tape delay.


This piece does not have a complex form. It simply has an intro that develops with the drums and added vocals into the main section and it ends in an equally satisfying manner with a complete sense of resolution.