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Find two works and review them, stating how they relate to the theme "playground". This is the first work found: Connected Worlds.

Created: November 26th, 2015


"Connected Worlds" by Design I/O

Interactive Ecosystem

This interactive ecosystem is displayed by projection on large white walls and the floor. There are many types of ecosystems represented: Desert, Mountain/Valley, Plains, Jungle, Reservoir, and Wetlands. People can walk up to it and change or add elements to the environment using hand motions or props.

Design I/O is a creative studio, and focuses mainly on immersive and interactive designs such as Connected World, but has also worked on pieces of visualization as well.


This project is captivating.  I selected it to research more thoroughly because it follows the prompt so well. There is a large playfulness aspect to the piece. People can move props on the ground and affect what is projected. For example, moving a log-shaped cushion on the ground could redirect the flow of water, much like a log would do. Moving your hands near one of the white walls creates flying objects that spray out from your hand like fireworks. It enlivens people's fascination with nature and allows them to create and recreate. 

The project was not entirely immersive, as most of what happened was on a screen. Design I/O did an earlier project about weather, and I think incorporating some of that technology could make the experience feel more like being in that ecosystem. 

The websites relating to Design I/O and "Connected Worlds" didn't speak much on the previous works, so it is difficult to say with any certainty if any precedent projects had a direct affect on the work. The concept and creative process was made with help from the New York Hall of Science. 

An example of similar work are the interactive games by Scholastic (link is the third citation). These games are also intended for children to get a better idea of the ecosystem, incorporating an interactive element to introduce them to problem-solving and the effects of actions on an ecosystem. Connected Worlds is more immersive and grand, which creates more of a sense of wonder in children and adults who participate, whereas the Scholastic games are more for educational purposes, though are also designed to be fun as well. 


In my work, I hope to incorporate creation elements. My ideas so far for my project have been similar to this project in that I want to use hand motions of the user to create new displays on the screen. I want to create something that someone could call magical, as it would be impossible to do otherwise. In this way, creating with nothing more than bodily motions would do just that.

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Find two works and review them, stating how they relate to the theme "playground". This is the first work found: Connected Worlds.