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Explain NO_THING by the Innovation Lab of Milla & Partner GmbH.

Created: November 29th, 2015


Using infared technology,  this project uses most 3-D objects as props to create interactive displays. Depending on the motion of the object, the display would change in response. The light shines down on the object and detects its movements, changing the visual display. There are multiple scenes to choose from. 

Milla & Partner GmbH is a self-named  German interaction and spatial design agency based in Stuttgart and Berlin. An off-shoot of that agency is the Innovation Lab which creates and develops interactive ideas and projects.

The video could not be embedded, but the link at the bottom is to the work's website and contains a video example of a few of the scenes. 


I enjoy this project specifically because it is involved. There are many different scenes, all of which can be controlled by the user's movement. Nearly any object can be used to move these designs. The project is very open ended and will therefore lead to many beautiful and unique artistic outcomes. 

I think more artistic mediums should be incorporated into this project. In the video, the people moved the cardboard and created interesting design, but coupled with a dancer holding the cardboard the design and the performing art would be more impressive still. I think the same would go if the visual design was coupled with a composer and a soundtrack.

This project comes from a great deal of research on the part of the innovators. They look to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to see examples of "device-driven experiences", but go to create a project where the device in-hand is as simple as a piece of cardboard. This project is advancing in the same was that VR and AR are advancing, but is branching off on its own. 


For my project, I want to focus on the user and the user-led experience. I want the outcome to be beautiful and refined, no matter how the user chooses to interact with the project. I just one of the main focuses of the project to be inciting creativity within the user, and allow them some freedoms to alter and create the outcome.

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Explain NO_THING by the Innovation Lab of Milla & Partner GmbH.