Galaxy - Agent Based Drawing

Made by hhou

Using an agent plugin for grasshopper to develop a prompt for drawing

Created: March 5th, 2015



For this project we had to create a pattern that prompts a drawing/sketch from a user. I initially explored the idea of generating a galaxy, the idea of this every expanding spiral is what intrigued me at first. However, with my agent script what interested me more was the fact that the paths that my agents where meant to follow was never actually followed and created this interesting shape that I tried to explore more. The idea of the project was to also to be able to create a drawing that could potentially have multiple scales, where a focused part of the prompt could create vastly different drawings.



From this project I've realised that although the agent script might be doing one thing, the person drawing might not see exactly the same thing. Although the verbal prompt was the same for both drawings, the difference was that for one of the drawings the prompt had been running while the other started as she started drawing the image. This produced different drawings and the focus of the drawings was slightly different. What was interesting to me was that the two random points where all the points where being attracted to were seen as the point emitter and not the centre. Also manipulating the tempo and number of agents might be a way to counteract this situation where it is clear what is happening in the prompt, however that might make the drawings less interesting. Limiting ones context allows for more potentially interesting drawings and because the frame currently is limited by the hand that is where the prompt fails, moving forward finding a way to frame the drawing prompt through script and not just by human manipulation could produce even more interesting drawings. 



The prompt utilises a central point emitter and attempts to follow the curves on the sides as an attractor. What was interesting was that essentially a entirely new point attractor was created without actually have any present at the corners of the prompt. Also it was interesting in the prompt that you can control how close it follows the curve but it never perfectly follows it. The first drawing was produced with the full frame of the prompt, where the prompt had been running for a while, whereas the second prompt had a limited frame of the prompt. The first drawing can be easily related to the prompt visually however, the second drawing is little less visually relatable maybe it is because of the framing of the prompt that renders it less visually relatable

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Using an agent plugin for grasshopper to develop a prompt for drawing