Girl by The Beatles

Made by Eunice Oh

Created: November 9th, 2014


Girl by The Beatles


For the majority of the song, there is a steady guitar and drums accompaniment in the background while John sings the verse of the song. It remains steady, and continuous while John, Paul and George sang the lyrics in a very different manner. However, once there is a pause in singing, the guitar changes and picks up speed in its new accompaniment at around 1:30. The vocals and the guitar parts remain relatively consistent until it reaches a new and different portion of the song at approximately 1:00. The guitar grows harsher to match the quick bursts of "do's" by the back up vocals. Towards the end of the song, the guitar part grows harsher in sound with the growing tension in the lyrics and the singers' voices. The song makes great use of continuity and abruptness to set a mood for each part of the song.