Sound Module: Composition Basics

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Individual - Due Monday Nov. 10, 6pm:

Search one example of any of the items described at the first Composition reading from any music, sound creation or soundtrack, etc. you like different from the given examples.

You can find the reading at Salon "Please Attend to" section and at the following link

The topics covered are: Foreground vs. background, Flow vs. break; continuity vs. surprise, Articulation and degrees of punctuation (like in texts!), Rate of presentation of information (light or dense), Stability vs. instability, Progression, Momentum (creating direction, i.e. moving to some point).

Give link (youtube, vimeo…), min and sec, and short explanation (1‐4 lines approximately).

Post it at Gallery as "Composition Project 1: Basics" [15 p].

Give critiques on others examples and explanations [5 p]

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