Le Tombeau de Couperin Menuet

Made by Eric Terui

Created: November 10th, 2014


The first two minutes of the piece features oboe presenting a beautiful melody. It is clearly in the foreground mostly due to its greater volume and higher pitch than everything else in the background. It also presents the most action and is the most interesting phrase of this part of the movement. The melody eventually repeats and also goes up an octave, giving a sense of continuity as well. For much of this opening section, the strings are staying low and playing in harmony to accompany the oboe. For a brief section, the flute takes the foreground at around 1:03, before the oboe resumes. At around 2:00 until 2:30, the trumpet takes the foreground. For a trumpet, it is playing on the softer side, but it still takes the foreground because everything else stays below it.  At 2:25, the strings take the foreground, with a loud, sweeping melody before the trumpet comes back at 2:55. Finally, the oboe returns with the original melody at 3:08 before the strings take over with that same original melody at 3:22.