Guilty Sample

Made by Kevin Lee

Created: November 30th, 2014


Two samples were used for this project. The first sample is an original recording of my friend Yeana Kwagh singing and holding a G3. This sample was converted into an EXS24 sampler track where the note was pitch shifted for every key using the sampler's built-in pitch functionality. The second sample was Guilty by Dynamic Duo. The drums in the first 2 bars of the introduction were chopped up into individual drum sounds and converted to another EXS24 sample track. 

The first sample was to create melodies and harmonies for the song while the second set of samples was used to arrange drums for the track. The tempo of the song is 90bpm. My goal with the song was to create a simple hip-hop type beat by combining recordings that are both originally ballads. By repeating the singing notes and not varying the chords used too much, I feel that I was able create a less melodic and more intense mood for the listener. 

The form of the song is ABCB. The song begins with a 4 bar intro of repeated, sustained notes that do not vary. It then moves to a "chorus" section that introduces the drums and additional harmonies with the sustained notes. Next, is a verse section which features a more consistent and repetitive drum loop and a staccato melody with more variety. The song then returns to the "chorus" drums and sustained notes with the addition of a higher melody for added variety.