Harry Makeup Organizer

Made by Harry Shao

3d print a makeup organizer that can be used to sort and store makeup accessories.

Created: December 8th, 2017



Write about the big ideas behind your project? What are the goals? Why did you make it? What are your motivations?

For this project, I want to 3d print a makeup organizer for my girlfriend because I heard her complained about her makeup spread all over the bedroom. So I looked up online and saw some makeup storage that could really help her solve this problem. Instead of buying one online, I can first 3d print a prototype for her to test if it actually fits her need. To make it look nicer I probably need to paint the surface to hide the plain plastic. 



Describe what informed your ideas and your outcome? How does your outcome relate to other work in the field? What are the precedent projects?

I saw some cool examples of makeup storage online. I have included some pictures below that inspired my design. But due to the limitations of 3d print, I have to design it so that it's not too big but still have some practical use. It should be able to store smaller items like lipsticks and easy to use. And I should also have some text on top of it to indicate it's specifically made for my girlfriend.


Process + Procedure

Outline your approach to the project. What steps did you take to design, model, sketch, and prototype this projects? What ideas did you generate and how did you refine or reject them? What challenges were encountered and how did you resolve them? Include photos of prototypes, sketches, design worksheets, and failed trails.

The steps I took to make this product:

a. Brainstormed ideas by looking at different designs on the web.

b. Measured the size of different makeup accessories, looked up the maximum size allowed at the 3d printer and decided the dimension. 

c. Made a rough sketch of the makeup organizer from different views, including the dimensions.

d. Start making the model in fusion360 and export the stl file. 

f. Slicing the model and submitted onto nvbots.

g. But then I realized the model takes way to long(over 24 hours) to print. So I wouldn't be able to finish printing the final product on time.




Detail what you created. What methods or techniques did you use? What tools and technologies were involved? Include images, code or video.

My print job was canceled twice because it takes over 24 hours to print. And it is still in the queue right now. I will update the pictures when it's done. 



Reflect on the process of making this project. What did you learn? What would you do differently?

This is the first 3d printing project I did by myself. And I learned some more advanced techniques in fusion360 and learned about many factors I need to take into consideration when 3d printing something. I found it's a rewarding process to relate real-world problems to the design details. When designing this product I had to constantly make decisions based on what I want to solve and what best fits the user's need. For example, when deciding the depth of the slots, I measured the height of different kinds of lipsticks to make sure the user can easily place items into the holder and grab items from the holder

I would say this project was not very successful because I did not consider everything I need to such as the time it will take. I didn't realize it would take so long to print. And because of this, I can't turn in the final product on time. In the future, I need to consider the many limitations of 3d printing and work around them. 


Collaboration or Attribution

Who helped you design? Test? Brainstorm? 


Include process photos and files in your portfolio too.

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3d print a makeup organizer that can be used to sort and store makeup accessories.