High heels instrument

Made by Dan Cheng

Created: November 24th, 2014


I used high heels footstep original recording as the source of my instrument, I edited the recording with EXS24 and saved it as an instrument.

short explanation • Objectives of the piece and how they are achieved

In this piece, there are three different tracks of high heals instrument, each has different quantized note 1/8,1/4/1/2. They also have different pitch since I pressed different keys on the keyboard while creating these three tracks. Different quantized note are used here because I do not want the footstep sound monotonous.  Furthermore, since I want to create a busy atmosphere here, I chose to use bell as the background sound. Bell' sound goes well with footstep, and its sounds like a lot of people are in hurry, maybe they are late for work. That is also why very fast tempo of footstep is used.

Relate to Belkin chapters

The different pitch and tempo of footsteps in the foreground is intended to give contrast to the listener. I used three tracks of different footsteps to avoid monotony. Meanwhile, different footsteps also emphasize the busy atmosphere that I want to create.

Also, in order to make the piece flow well, I use continuous and repetitive background music, to avoid surprise for listeners. 

I used the same bell sound as the beginning and the end, so the whole structure of this piece is ABA.

dropboxlink: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wp56qukmoqsnc4x/high%20heels%20instrument.mp3?dl=0


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