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States my intention for the Profile Photo Project

Created: September 17th, 2015


Profile Photo


I have severely reduced my activity on facebook in an attempt to cater to my widespread audience. I find that I change how I present myself based on my company. I think many people do this. A strong example is how college students interact with each other in contrast with how they interact with their parents or other students’ parents. I find myself worrying about how one audience will react to a post on facebook that another audience might agree with. Therefore, I want to see if the conflicting audiences will in fact react the way I predicted them to. I hope to prove to myself that I can be my true self in an online environment with many viewing eyes. In proof of this, I would not elicit the strong reaction I am currently expecting. 

I want to post a profile picture that without context will confuse the highest number of subsets of facebook friends. This confusion could come from posting a picture much unlike the pictures I usually post, or a picture that implies a big life change. I want to see if they will pry publicly for an explanation, or if they will assume that it is not as shocking or out-of-the-blue as it may otherwise seem.

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States my intention for the Profile Photo Project