Popart in the style of Andy Warhol

Made by Brian Li

Created: December 2nd, 2014


Since Andy Warhol's work was all about consumerism and commercial art, I decided to choose an iphone as the subject for my Pop Art project. Although iPhones aren't celebrities, they produce many of the same effects on the masses. Each new phone gets its 15 minutes in the spotlight before a new one comes out soon after, which is very much what Andy Warhol was talking about. They are definitely one of the most recognizable products of our generation, and also one that has been effected greatly by the pop art movement. 


I tried to emulate the process of screen printing as closely as possible. After finding an original image, I selected various blocks to paint over in a single solid color. Afterwards, I applied a filter to achieve those accidental imperfections that were so iconic in his work. Finally, following his technique with the Michael Jackson piece, I drew over the print with thin lines to accentuate the important shapes and forms. I also decided to incorporate the old apple logo for two reasons. First of all, I think that it is a clear example of how the Pop Art movement affected the consumer market, and Secondly, I wanted to bring in a little bit of the appropriation that Warhol was known for.