ochestral mix

Made by Dan Cheng

Created: November 19th, 2014

Relate to Belkin Chapter:

I use two kind of gestures that are mentioned in Belkin Chapter. One is Crescendi, the beginning part has increasing volume that gives listener preparation to the music. Basically, I just used fade in to make this effect. The other gesture I use is the rising lines, that is, the pitch of the beginning is rising. From lower pitch to higher pitch.

In the middle part of the music, there are some verses that are repeated many times.

I used  Quantize 1/4 Note for the whole mix. There are four string tracks and three flute tracks.

The ending is actually one track from the beginning of the flute track. So the form of this piece is like ABA. Since it is toward the end of the semester, I am intended to express a serious mood here. Since it is serious, the tempo cannot be too fast and I  think 1/4 is a good choice. Meanwhile, short melody is added to make this sound a little more energetic. I am trying to achieve this by using 3 tracks that has very long string sound. And the fourth one with really short string sound and then mix them together. 

Download link:https://www.dropbox.com/s/gxr5imoy8ylw8xb/Flutes.mp3?dl=0


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