Made by Jessie Li

This project is a commentary on the world's obsession with phones and technology, so much so that it's all we can see.

Created: September 8th, 2016


Intention & Context

With my project, I wanted to play with the digital messaging world, and the message that, even though your eyes are open, you're never truly seeing if you have your phone there. 

I took inspiration from Andy Warhol, mainly, and his commercialist pop art. Warhol understood that there's a way to get a message across if you just, repeat it enough times (a theme in commercialism, as well). But Warhol also used that commercialist idea to convey a message about commercialism itself. Warhol used regular, every-day items to make art, but in doing so, also managed to send a message. I was drawn to these ideas.

I decided to borrow the idea of putting the same image together many times, each time changing the image ever so slightly. 

My proposal: In the final project, I hope to build the image of the eye slowly showing up to dominate the screen more and more with each iteration of the image(which is a typical iMessage screen on your phone of a person talking to themselves about eyes, which is to be the theme here). The last thing I wanted to subtly experiment with perception; I purposely drew the lines diagonal and smaller to create the effect of it getting further and further away, but without really drawing your eye (haha) to it. I wanted to create something that made you feel off balance, but not fully understand why.

This is my initial idea sketch: