PopArt Composition

Andy War'call'

Made by Jacob Slone

Created: December 4th, 2014


Sticking true to Andy's fascination with consumerism, I decided to explore what is now probably the epitome of consumerism: cell phones. They're flash, expensive, and basically disposable because in 6 months yours won't be 'cool' anymore.


Instead of focusing on the devices themselves, I decided to look more specifically at how the devices make us feel. The experienced based consumer culture built around cell phones is all about spending more money, buying the next upgrade, and it's a cycle almost all of us have fallen into.


I was inspired by one of Andy Warhol's series of self portraits, and decided to emulate the style with people talking on the cell phones with a variety of suave expressions. For authenticity, I tried to streamline the process of making it as much as possible, creating my own little "factory" for creating the individual images from pictures found on the internet then combining them together. Aesthetically I like the result, but I don't feel like it really says what I wanted it to. I think some of the expressions are too enthusiastic or genuine, so it doesn't appear as critical of consumer culture as I was trying to be. If I did it again refining my selection of source images would be my first change.