Portable Makeup Organizer

Made by Katherine Hua

Convenient hand-held cosmetic case - whether you are at home or traveling, you can easily carry this elegant storage box around with you

Created: May 5th, 2019



For this project, I wanted to create makeup organizer. Because my bathroom sink surface area is small, it ends up being easily cluttered with my makeup and cosmetics that I use on the daily. I carry my makeup around with me a lot because I do not always spend my nights at home and need it the next morning to look not dead. I find myself constantly packing and unpacking my makeup from my bathroom into a makeup bag, so I ultimately decided to make a portable makeup organizer that can be easily assembled and disassembled to act as a simple bathroom makeup organizer.

Mood Board - Ideation Inspiration


 I wanted to create a makeup organizer that could easily transform into a portable makeup organizer as well. Below depicts my ideation process in terms of the design of my portable makeup organizer. 

I had a tough time figuring out how I would make it all click together when assembling it. I ultimately decided on building separate parts to organize makeup because all bathroom sinks are of varying sizes. Therefore, having separate stackable parts can make it easier for the user to place the parts of the organizer based on her own needs. In terms of getting it to connect and hold together when it gets put together into a portable makeup organizer, I decided to use clasps. 

Mood Board - Design Inspiration
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  1. White Acrylic
  2. Clear Acrylic
  3. Gold Hinges
  4. Gold Clasps
  5. Blue Paint

I chose to work with white acrylic to make this piece because white will help with making the sink look less cluttered. It promotes a more open and clean looking space. The clear acrylic will be used for the handle and drawers. 

Drawer Piece

This part is meant to hold palettes. I found the average dimensions of palettes so that most palettes can easily and comfortable fit inside these drawers. The drawers have a little ledge so it can be easily pulled out. A door was made for it as well to prevent the palettes from falling out when made into the travel version. The door clicks closed and moves with hinges. The palette acts as the base for the portable makeup organizer so it has the bottom half of the clasps on its sides.


Brush Holder Piece

This piece is meant to act as the makeup brush holder. Because the bottom of this would act as the left side of the portable makeup organizer, it holds the other half of the clasp that would connect to the drawer piece. There are also two more clasps act as the place where the handle of the portable makeup organizer would hook onto. Because these clasps make the bottom not flat anymore, I made another piece that accounts for these clasps that can help the brush holder piece sit more steadily on a flat surface.


Storage Box Piece

This piece can hold other miscellaneous cosmetic items or it can hold jewelry. The right side of this piece is meant to act as the right when put together as the portable makeup organizer. So the bottom clasp is meant to help hold it all together. The top two clasps will help the handle hook onto it. The left side of this storage piece opens up because when putting the brush holder and this piece together, the brushes would not fit. You can refer to the pictures below for information.



The handle was made through clear acrylic that I used a heat gun to heat form. It is meant to hook into the two clasps of the brush holder and drawer piece. However it ended up being too weak to actually hold up the organizer. I chose to paint it blue to make it a little more fashionable.


Final Product

Next Steps

I would try to make the handle better because the handle was too weak to support the weight of the makeup organizer. I would also choose a lighter plastic because with the makeup all in it, the weight can accumulate to become quite heavy. The laser cutter also kept burning my pieces so if you look inside the pieces, there are a lot of burnt marks. However, I would like to pass it off as a "subtle marble effect" that adds to the elegance of this piece. 



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Convenient hand-held cosmetic case - whether you are at home or traveling, you can easily carry this elegant storage box around with you