Proposal Option and Sample Book

Made by Kthies

Created: March 6th, 2018



If I had two words to describe myself, it would be maker and nerd. My goal is to create a glove that acts as both a prop and display for LARP. Some background first. Live-Action Roleplaying, or LARPing, is a cross between cosplay and Dungeons and Dragons. Basically you dress up as your character and you hit your friends with foam weapons. In the LARP I'm a part of, there's a gadget that's basically a defibrillator, and has three charges each day. I want to make a glove that would act as a display with LEDs that show how many charges I have remaining, so at the start of the event all 3 LEDs would be lit, and whenever I use the device I could push a button in the glove to move on to the next state, which would have 2 LEDs, etc, etc.



As an architecture major, it starts with sketches. That's kind of a lie. I started by getting materials. Physical Computing had blue LEDs, although they're a bit small but should work once the legs are bent to be sown down, as well as a variety of push buttons. I ordered in a lilypad and a low-profile battery holder, as well as conductive thread. I also figured I wanted to get a good-looking yet cheap pair of gloves to save me the effort of making one, but also because they would look better that way.

I don't have much knowledge of Arduino, but I figured that if I knew how to make it work in python, it wouldn't be too hard to get working in the Arduino's C++. Plus, getting an Arduino means that I could expand the functionality of the system later on if I wanted to integrate LEDs into a hip-slung box to represent the body of the device, which might look something like the below.