Rivers and Lakes

Made by repstein

agent created drawing, prompted by the formation and changes of rivers/lakes

Created: March 3rd, 2015


The concept for this piece is to mimic the way water interacts with its environment. It slowly changes course. It forms lakes when sections of it meet a dead end and are cut off from the main river body. 

I found the resulting image to be visually engaging. I enjoyed the way the various users interpreted the projection in their drawings. One simplified the river form into a simple flowing line, while the other tried to capture the capture lines. The two drawing were similar in that both drawers decided to draw each lake as a distinct stylized object. I would like to see the users create images using a more flowing medium. They are trying to draw a body of water, so I believe a water like medium would allow more connection to the original theory. The expert knowledge used was the skill of interpreting very simple lines into a visually appealing standalone piece. The only verbal prompt to the users was telling them to follow what they saw. That worked for these simple drawings, but if the projection more matched the theory, the instructions would have to be more detailed.

I had alot of trouble using grasshopper, but I still tried to make the imagery match the theory. I wanted to have the river flow along a line but then shift from that line slowly. I ended up having the particles draw lines between themselves on the curve. This showed a slight movement visually, but it didn't create true movement. I wanted lakes to form naturally, but I couldn't figure out the mechanics of that, so I just made particle emitters in certain spots and again had lines drawn between the particles. The lines between particles were all formed by going from two reference positions which were manually chosen. The color of the lines was dictated by the length which varied based on reference points. The prompt and resulting drawings are quite similar in overall form. The river and lakes show p in the same spots, yet the drawings have a certain flair. The lines are more interesting in that their form and style vary greatly

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agent created drawing, prompted by the formation and changes of rivers/lakes