Shaken Nuts

Made by Naomi Sternstein

Created: November 23rd, 2014


I turned a sound of shaken nuts (From into an instrument. I created beats with this instrument and mixed it alongside loops and other instruments to create an energetic, rhythmic piece. 


I started my piece with a quick buildup and a crescendo of volume and pace, in order to build interest and anticipation early on. I think that this helped build the suspense that was talked about in Belkin's reading. I including this same crescendo towards the end of the piece in order to build suspense again, and then ended the piece by slowly eliminating various elements.  

I also created about two or three simple beats with the nuts instrument that I brought in throughout the piece. This continuity helped connect the different sections to each other, which is also important in the flow of the piece. For instance, no new beat was introduced without being played simultaneously alongside a familiar beat. 

The form of this piece followed the basic ABA form. The ending basically mirrored the beginning, while the middle featured a lot more energy and momentum and was where a lot of the newer beats and elements were introduced.