Sing the Lights

Made by Gyuri Han

Design and develop an application for the Knoxville Lightwall that resonates with the community in some way.

Created: November 12th, 2016


Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Knoxville

The CLP - Knoxville building was designed by Paul Schweikher, built in 1965, and renovated in summer 2016. This friendly, modern space serves more than eight of the 11 neighborhoods, including Mt. Oliver Borough, that make up the Hilltop community. Especially, the Lightwall of organic shapes delivers unique experience to users.


Knoxville became a desirable place to live due to its convenient access to the city and natural geographic buffer from the smoke and pollution that existed at that time. Today, the Knoxville community is home to one of the city's highest youth populations.

The Library offers quality programs, resources and a welcoming new space for the many kids and teens in this neighborhood.


Project Goal

This projects aimed to design and develop an application for the Knoxville Lightwall that could interact with kids who visit the library. 




My raw idea was to develop something which kids can interact with their voice. I went through several stages of development and revisions. 

With a limited background in programming, what I tried first was simply to make the Lightwall respond to sound/voice input without any visualization on computer screen. I could achieve this pretty easily with examples of Sound library in Processing. 


To make the interaction more effective, I planned to add two interactive circles. Below is the details of the circles I designed and an expected flow.

A. Target Circle

  • Make a sound of a certain frequency
  • Changes position(different height) according to the frequency

B.  Smaller Circle

  • Responsive to user's voice
  • Moves up and down according to the frequency of user's voice

C. Flow

  1. When the target circle makes a sound, user will need to make a same or similar sound to reach the target circle with the smaller circle
  2. When this circle hits the center of the target circle, it triggers different effects on the Lightwall
  3. Effects vary depending on the level of frequency
  4. When target circle is hit, new target circle appears making a different sound


- How do you draw a circle that makes sound for a moment and draw a new circle with a different sound?

Since I could not find an answer for the question above, I had to modify my design and implementation plan.


Final Product


Each of three lines is drawn at a certain frequency. (400hz, 500hz, 600hz) 

Frequency of sound(voice) input and note are displayed on the top left corner in real time.

The orange circle moves up and down depending on fundamental frequency of user's voice.

User can try to hit one of the lines changing his or her pitch.

When user makes the circle hit one of the lines, it brings an effect on the Lightwall.

Depending on which line the circle hits, different effect is displayed with a short text on the screen. 

(400hz - "Sweep" / 500hz - "Explode" / 600hz - "Dots")


On-Site Demo

Sing the Lights
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Design and develop an application for the Knoxville Lightwall that resonates with the community in some way.