Made by amusse

The device will detect loud emergency vehicle sirens and alert the diver to move over to the side.

Created: September 17th, 2015



The motivation for this project stems from the experiences I had driving with my grandmother. On many occasions, when an emergency vehicle is approaching the car, my grandmother wouldn't hear the sirens until the emergency vehicle is right behind her. But by then she panics and freezes and puts parks the car in the middle of the road making the emergency vehicle have to go around her. I realized that the root of the problem is that she didn't hear the sound ahead of time to take the necessary precautions. A device that will alert her that an emergency vehicle is approaching would be ideal for her and the other 38 million Americans that suffer from hearing loss.   

Design Decision

I had a limited amount of resources to work with but that actually was not a big deal.  I knew that product had to be simple that it can sit on the dashboard of any vehicle. Thus, a small box that is unobtrusive in a vehicle seemed like the right approach. Additionally, my grandmother would appreciate objects that are simple to use that is not flashy that it distracts her from driving. The LED's flash in a a cool blue mainly because I wanted  something that is soothing. Colors like red would signal trouble, danger etc. Blue rather is associated  with peace, serenity, ethereal, spiritual, and infinity.