The God of Small Things

Made by Dan Cheng

Created: November 17th, 2014


Artistical voice processing:  I want to make the voice recording sounds like a audio story that people can listen before going to sleep. First, I make the tempo of the original recording slower than before, because originally, the reader reads too fast, it sounds more like speaking in a hurry than story telling. I also normalize the whole voice recording because in the original recording, the reader's voice is sometimes too loud and sometimes too low. And then I use negative amplifying effect to lower the volume to make the talk softer and more comfortable.

Loops: Three soft piano loops are played through out this piece. Fade in and fade out are used to introduce and end the piece better. The first piano loop is very soft, because it is the start of the story, soft starting make people feel comfortable and also make them more focus on human voice. The first soft piano loops also fits the content of general introduction of the protagonist in the story. Compared to the second piano, this one more fast-paced, because in this part of the story, it talks about shows her life and her indifferent manner about everything around her. The third one is the softest, because in the story, this part shows how lonely the protagonist is. And then it introduces her soft love story, so I continue to use this soft piano loops. After I mix the voice with the background music of piano loops. I layered some sounds that correspond to the story, like the sound of student crowd, sound of writing, blaming, arranging papers, footstep and heartbeat. These sounds can make the listener become more engaged to the story. It helps the listener to visualize the scene.

Comment the concept/s from Belkin’s chapter Beginning that you have used and explain the form of your piece:

The beginning follows the gesture of Crescendi, the content is introduced by the increasing volume. It gives listener a preparation to the content rather than an abrupt start of human voice.

Form: There are three phases of background music, that are repeated through out the piece.


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