This. Is. SATIRE!

Let's get fired up

Made by Tonya Sedgwick, Ariel Tian and Abhishek Tayal

Our group representation powerpoint

Created: August 30th, 2014


To view the slideshow, download the PowerPoint presentation from the link below and make sure to view it in presentation mode to get the full effect. 

Abhishek presented a song he had written during our individual introductions to our group. Since writing and recording a new song for our commercial did not seem feasible in the time allocated, we found a song that we felt integrated well into our story to represent him.

Tonya showed us a workers union poster from Poland while it was occupied by the Soviet Union. This led to a discussion of political oppression during that time and the Polish Poster Art movement, which incorporated “secret” satire to get past the Communist Part sensors.

Ariel showed a Geico commercial because it incorporated both football and humor, two things that are a big part of her life. The group discussed the format of the commercial and others like it, leading to our choice of format for our group project.

Laura showed a picture of a Disney princess with a beard, part of no-shave November, since it was funny and also incorporated Disney.

Looking at how best to incorporate all of these things into one project, we felt like humor was a big part of all of our lives, so we decided to create a project that we all thought was funny. We wanted to do a comic strip, but since we wanted to include music, we choose to present it in a power point format. Each of us contributed to finding appropriate bearded figures, and we worked together to design the slides. This seemed like the best way to create a unified piece based on each of our individual strengths. The music represents Abhishek’s love for music, the reference to Solidarnosc in a format imitating a corporate commercial reflects Tonya’s political leanings and concerns about government and corporatism, the corporate commercial chosen parallels Ariel’s choice of humor (Geico commercials), and the inclusion of No Shave November is drawn from Laura’s chosen image.




no shave novemeber:


geico guy:


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Our group representation powerpoint