Toy Concept Sketches and Process - Rachel Nakamura

Made by Rachel Nakamura

Created: January 18th, 2016



Below I've uploaded photos of my brainstorming notes process in order to come up with toy concepts. I began by first listing out all of the toys I played with when I was younger, and then decided upon a few whose concepts I thought would be good to build off of.



Styled after a marble run kit I had when I was younger, I thought that it would be more creative and interesting for kids to play with if the kit itself was LEGO compatible.

Kids would be able to do more than just operate within the confines of the materials given to them, which would allow them to build more interesting and complex physical structures.


Below is the mainframe of a LEGO compatible toy car. That is, children would be able to stack and connect various LEGOs, wheels, and frames in order to observe what would roll down a ramp the fastest, or perhaps play with the weight of the car in order to observe varying speed.

Again, this would combine creativity with structural and spatial engineering thought.


Rube Goldberg machines are fascinating, but not very approachable for kids to play with. Below are some sample items from a basic Rube Goldberg "kit" of sorts, intended for kids to combine with household items in order to build some really cool machines.

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