Toy Concepts - Amy Lin

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Created: January 19th, 2016


The theme between all my toy concepts is fun with bubbles! The fundamental physical concept varies with each concept. The idea to have bubble producing toys originated from a childhood of bubble fun.


Idea 1: Piano

  The first toy idea is a piano with pipes, where bubbles appear from pipes when the keys of the piano are pushed.   This toy can be adapted to teach a little about pitch or sound waves by varying the bubble production with the note the piano is producing. 


Idea 2: Clarinet


Idea 3: Bowling Set

The third idea is a bowling set, where bubbles are produced when you roll the ball towards the pins. 



In the process, I learned that there are many more steps in toy design after conceptualization. In the creative process, I realized it was better to give myself a starting place rather than trying to create from nothing. 

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