Made by Warren Glasner

To create a holder for USB devices and cables

Created: March 9th, 2018



My intention was to create a box to hold USB devices and cables that I am not currently using. I wanted to do it via laser cutting and simple joinery. I also thought it would be fun if the knob was a USB itself.


Research and Context

After looking at boxes online, I decided that I wanted to do a sliding box, as I felt that not a lot of other people had chosen anything similar. I researched how to construct a sliding panel and, after choosing my material, began to cut the box.


Process and Procedure

My process was very simple, I mapped out each piece of the box in Fusion 360, and then assembled them as a 3d model. I then sent the dxfs to Lasercut, and included an SVG of a USB drive to engrave onto the lid.



The resulting product was a simple sliding box for small object storage. The lid slides front to back and is stopped from running over by the back support and the extrusion of the drive itself.



My main take away was that I should have allotted more time to the design of the box. Ideally, I would have wanted to use t joints to simply press the box together, however I ran into complications when designing the lid. I also believe that the joints would have added a nice look to the box. Additionally, dealing with glue was tedious when attempting to get the lid to slide properly.

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To create a holder for USB devices and cables