Voice Samples

Made by Amanda Marano

Created: November 24th, 2014


I used the my voice recording reading a passage from the project a few weeks ago as my original recording, and I used the built-in software bass and keyboard instruments in order to create a mellow bass line and beat for my piece. I broke up my voice recording using the flex option and converted it quickly to a new software instrument.

I used an electronic keyboard for the build-up and fade-down as an introduction and conclusion to my piece in order to add symmetry and to add interest, as the electronic keyboard doesn't sound like the rest of the piece, so the contrasting sounds create an unfinished feeling at the beginning, but add to symmetry and closure at the end by using the same sound twice.

I used the general ABA form, and throughout the bass line i used the same notes, but organized differently though the A and B parts, with B being faster and containing more information as a climax. With the voice like I also used the same few sounds on the keyboard, but organized the rhythm and which keys I would be using for each part. The first A section and the second A section differ in this way, even though the bass line is the same. However, these sounds aren't too conflicting because I chose a select few sounds to reuse and the rhythms are similar.

By using only a bass and not a drum layer, I tried to create a jazzy, mellow atmosphere, with my voice acting like ska or freeform sounds. Because of this, my climax isn't too much faster than my buildup, but the build-down is much slower than either of those parts. I created a climax by increasing textural density; I made my bass line faster and added in notes to make the melody more complicated, as I did with the voice line.


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