Way to lunch in the UC

Made by Eric Wang

Created: November 6th, 2014


     I recorded my audio file starting around 12:40 in the courtyard of the university center. This lasted a bit more than 10 minutes and recorded everything from walking into the building, through the crowds, and until the ordering of my food. Since this was my first take with the device, there were some cracks at the beginning, and a bit of garbage noise. I found the effect of recording while walking through a crowd to be really cool, as you are able to hear one conversation getting louder then softer, overlayed by many more conversations going through the same effect. Some conversations were recorded really clearly, and demonstrates the process of ordering food here and some of the things people talk about while eating. The height and placement of the microphone varied. Most of the time it was held at waist level with the speakers pointed inwards towards me and facing up. There were movement and position changes and that showed through some of the volume changes and sudden wind movement.

Audio file at: https://soundcloud.com/eric-lyeafoyale-wangkebob/zoom0001wav