Sound Module: Sound Recording Journal

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Individual ‐ Due Wednesday Nov. 5, 6pm

Record the world around you:

1. Capture a minimum of ten minutes of raw field recordings using a portable device (Zoom H1) [25 points]. Remember to use wav format instead of mp3, and use preferably 44100 Hz and 24 bit following the instructions at "Setting the recording format" from the Zoom H1 manual at

2. Note time and location of these recordings [25 points].

3. Listen to your environment and make note of what you perceive. Listen to the recording and make note of how the recording differs from your original perception (use good headphones/speakers!). Write a paragraph describing these differences: upload with recording to Gallery as “Sound Project 1: Sound recording Journal”, and give critique on others explanations [Comments: 25, Critique: 25 points].

You can download the documents on the basics of recording from Riccardo Schulz from

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