IDeATe Room in Hunt

Made by Jacob Weiss

Created: November 5th, 2014


Wednesday, November 5th at 2:00pm

Listening in person and listening to my recording told two distinct stories. It felt weird eavesdropping on other people’s conversations, but I did it anyway for the sake of art. When comparing the two experiences, I noticed that some strings of conversation were picked up by both my ears and the mic, but others were completely left out of one or the other. For instance, I heard a whole conversation about homework, but when listening to the recording I only heard a couple of scattered sentences from it. Also, I heard people talking about someone named Jenny during the recording, but I didn’t hear that name mentioned once when I was listening without the mic. I also noticed that throughout the first experience, I heard a sea of voices that were almost drowning each other out in the background, whereas in the recording I mostly heard very distinct voices.

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