Breakfast in Schatz

Made by Dan Cheng

Created: November 5th, 2014


I recorded this at 9:00am in Schatz today, when I was having my breakfast.

link :

When I listened again, I felt like the recorder was more sensitive than my ears, it picked up lots of sound that I did not pay attention to.There are some similarities but also some differences. The similarities are the sounds of plates, forks and waiter. They are pretty much the same in the recording as what I perceived when recording. I think it is because these sounds were really loud and sharp so it is hard to ignore them. For the differences, since I was eating when I was recording, so the sound that I paid the most attention was the sound of me chewing the food, but actually, the recorder did not pick up any chewing sound of mine. And as I was having breakfast alone, I did not notice  the sound of people talking around me. But the recorder picked up all the talking sounds around me which were very interesting. The sound records lots of other movements too, like people walking by, ordering food. All these things were neglected by me when I was recording. Furthermore, the foreground sound was my eating sound when I was recording, and it becomes a trivial background sound in the recording. And when I listened to the recording without doing anything, all my concentration is on the sound so I picked up more information than what I got when I was recording.