Working Inside

An evaluation of sound quality in a living space

Made by Teddy Lee

Created: November 5th, 2014


This was done in my room on the 3rd floor of Moorwood Gardens around 4:00 on Wednesday.

For this project, I decided to evaluate how much sound pollution there was in my own living space. I positioned the recorder with one mike facing towards my keyboard and the window and the other facing towards my computer and the door. What I was listening to as I worked was the hum of the computer, printer, and fans going, as well as my typing. What I did not expect to here was the traffic outside that I did not hear when I was listening but was extremely distinct in the recording. The sound of the keyboard typing also seemed lower and duller in tone and my own breathing was extremely apparent. I feel like the microphones were much more sensitive to every sound in the room tan I was, having been in there so long and by taking these sounds elsewhere and having them be disassociated with their context it made me hear what I did not hear before. Overall, my room was not nearly as quiet as it appeared to me when I was listening. What was especially strange to me was how different hearing every little sound was. I chose not to use a high pass filter on the sound and I think that allowed me to even hear the smallest taps and squeaks in my working environment. The hum of the fans seemed much duller in the recording than in real life which may have been because the recorder was places pretty high almost opposite to where the computer's vents were.