39-245 Toy Fabrication Part 2

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Each team of 3 people will manufacture one of their toys from Project 1. If no one on the team has a suitable toy, you may manufacture someone else's toy with permission.

Thursday February 11: Form a team and select a toy

Thursday February 18: Preliminary CAD model(s) and manufacturing plan presentation

Your preliminary Gallery documentation page should include a completed description of the toy (from Project 1) including the original sketch and images of your preliminary CAD drawings. In class on the 18th, your team will make an informal presentation on your manufacturing plan.

All parts must be made by someone on the team. Each team member must have a substantial part in the manufacture of the part. You may not contract out to a machinist or friend.

Thursday February 25: Drawings/plan for toy due

Tuesday March 1: Manufactured toy due

Bring your manufactured toy to class. Each team will give a short presentation, showing the toy, explaining problems encountered during manufacturing, and discussing what was learned in the process of manufacturing and what the team would do differently next time.

Tuesday March 8: Completed project documentation due on Gallery


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