DIoT S15 #1 - Connected Sensor Platform

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Using the tutorials and guides provided you will create a simple sensor platform of your own design that:

1) Employes 2 sensors;
2) Shares that information on the internet through the Cloud API;
3) Provides simple status feedback locally; and
4) Offers more detailed information online.

You also need to figure out what kind of sensor platform are you trying to create: what problem is it solving by collecting sensor information and making that data available on the web? You might for example use it to monitor a plant at home, or indoor air quality.

Full brief can be found at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1w8YgnnfALU1froZl5TnMh-DVnJsRkdWkEiLAnBYa3X8/edit?usp=sharing

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