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Most celebrities are famous for art of some sort. I want to make a statement about how a lot of modern art is about self-marketing.

Created: September 7th, 2016



I'm currently debating between two options.

1: Warhol was famous in large part due to his knack for business and ability to market himself as a celebrity. I might make a statement about that by adding arms to his campbell soup can and have it draw a price tag or advertisement onto itself. Or, perhaps, the label will be peeling back to reveal that the thing inside is not actually a can.


2: Social media celebrities are famous because they produce media that the world finds pleasing or interesting, which is, in my opinion, a kind of art. To make a statement about this, I would cut up an instgram model's post and arrange the pieces on a schedule (a leg would take up half an hour with a note "shave & wax" next to it, or  something similar)

UPDATE: I started working and realized I wanted to make a video. I looked around for source material and saw Andy Warhol's hamburger video. I found it patently ridiculous that such a thing existed. Thus, I found inspiration for this project: I wanted to make this video as ridiculous to everyone else as it was to me as well as make a statement about Warhol. I personally don't think he was particularly talented or innovative as an artist, but I do think he was extremely good at marketing himself with an "artist persona". He was good at being memorable, and that's something that the internet memes of today aspire towards, so I included them in my video. I also drew a connection between Warhol's lack of talent, in my opinion, and the general consensus that the Kardashian talent has no talent whatsoever.



As I mentioned above, there are many people who think Warhol and Kardashian are famous for no particular reason.



The video is very strongly rooted in pop culture, with memes and Kardashian quotes, because I think that art is strongly tied to its time and to reach a general audience, you may as well embrace the present. I suppose, in the vein of Duchamp, I also wanted to question what makes art art and why people will embrace some works. Thus, I pulled two pieces from generally accepted art: Warhol's hamburger video (which is actually part of a short art film by Danish film maker Jørgen Leth) and Ulysses by James Joyce to be questioned. To contrast and juxtapose, I used common internet memes and Kardashian quotes.



I actually did a lot of work that never appeared in the final product, which I'm a bit disappointed by. My original plan was to have the narrator read a Markov chain trained on Kim Kardashian's tweets as well as Ulysses by James Joyce, but the results were too incoherent to read. See below:

FAVE WHITE AFTER NORTH https://t.co/nBomIwPn3F https://t.co/lVhCRoCm9k ,MY RED CARPET GOWNS 2015 https://t.co/A02mVD067O https://t.co/7PUHV8MglO ,https://t.co/MN89OWLOGl LIVE ,I think was edging to my low pony tail, slicked w u guys there!

We've always if you're there or adders: lightly, the VMAs https://t.co/TeBtWD3cOZ��_ ,@MyleezaKardash I declare somebody to leave knives crossed letters Atty Dillon that one of the sequel to see....

Fila track for the dust grows in mourning for the aftermath....

OSCAR LOOKS https://t.co/BmnLwljfGL https://t.co/nFvpPcos1P ,"RT @TUSK81: If he knew I have to the Kendall when I bundled out tonight, it's fascinating all night b4 I wouldnt it show last night, rendering invisible: the one true heroes _�ժ #fbf #2008 https://t.co/ROxlCWKLS4 ,Star Wars kinda good out at cockshout clattering the bed.


Another thing I considered was computer-generated text posts, below:

i always try to make a statement with my fashion...thats why today i wore a crop top with a pic of richard nixon captioned: accuse me of betraying homosexuality

at my sleepover we will engage in fun activities. for example we can regret poop emoji

i am trapped in the heinous slime den and i think deeply about 5000 crickets

i love to sin and betray lizards

i only know how to worship poison

do you think shrek would buy gamer gate

i only know how to hate misery?

a little known fact is that there is a worm version of every holiday. for example on worm christmas we give worm related gifts and check out chaos

However, I decided these felt too formulaic and didn't contribute to the overall "feel" of the video.

I also struggled with using iMovie. Apparently, you cannot resize or move around a green screen overlay (I could not make Shia Leboeuf smaller or off to the side), titles are excessively difficult to create, and you cannot have multiple overlays simultaneously.



I used iMovie to put overlays on a sped-up video of Warhol eating a hamburger, with Kardashian quotes on top. An english computer-generated narrator reads Ulysses in the background. 



I honestly think my video looks ridiculous, so I suppose I accomplished that aspect. I really think it makes you question what art is, what it should be, and what kinds of art people respect.


Personal Reflection

I learned that iMovie is not a program for intensive video editing, If I were to do it again, I would probably start with a clearer goal than "make this video seem ridiculous" and I would probably find a more interesting text to read, possibly one that was created with a Markov chain because I like the idea of procedurally generated art.

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Most celebrities are famous for art of some sort. I want to make a statement about how a lot of modern art is about self-marketing.