Composition Project 2 Beginning/Form

Made by Dan Cheng

Created: November 17th, 2014


Jacques a dit --- Christophe Willem

0-20s is the beginning of the music. The type of structure is Crescendi, that is, increasing volume. At first, it is just beat, as the the beat becomes louder, melody is also added. It not only increases the volume to attract listener's attention but also introduce the singer's voice very smoothly. A really nice transition between the pure music to human voice. Just as what is mentioned in the reading "Expansion of register opens up new terrain". From silent to beat then to the terrain of the singer's voice. As a listener, I feel very engaged.


Pop song

Linkin Park - The Catalyst

0-19s Introduction: its type of gesture is Crescendi. in 0-4s, it is only wind sound, then in 4-15, it adds a melody, 15-19, it adds beats. It is very obvious the volume is increasing. It serves as a good introduction to the singer's voice, and make listener more engaging.

19-33s  1st Verse: This section of music is repeated with different lyrics many times throughout the song. It contains the intense emotion of the whole song.

1:02-1:19 Chorus: After several repeated verse, chorus occurs, It is the part with the strongest emotion and conveys the main message of the song.

1:19-1:33 Solo: This part is the instrument solo(also: 1:17-1:30)

3:22-3:29: Verse: This is another verse that is repeated many times, with increasingly stronger emotion.

4:21-4:35 Conslusion: It is 1st verse which is repeated many times in this song. It ends with decreasing volume and emotion of the singer.

There are a lot of repetitive parts in this song.