Made by shangdal, Jessie Li and tianjunm

Team meme

Created: September 26th, 2016


Layer #1 

Jessie Li

The original photo was to create an image of putting two different kinds of memes together. Both of these memes are quite popular (kid pumping fist and Pusheen the cat), but one is loved for how much it describes certain feelings (kid pumping fist) and the other everyone loves because it's a cute and a fat cat. However, both a child and a cat are quite commonly seen on a sofa; I thought it would be an interesting contrast to see two wildly popular memes put in on the most regular, ordinary thing imaginable, of which, the first thing I thought of was a plain sofa.

I used Photoshop to cut and move out both the kid and Pusheen around so they were proportional to the sofa. I purposely made Pusheen "sit" on the sofa (a regular thing cats do), but the kid was harder to do because the meme is just of his upper body. It was difficult to proportion correctly and at the correct location; I settled on his location in the picture above because I thought the kid and the cat could be sitting next to each other, or cuddling, as humans are apt to do with pets, and the point of this piece was to put the "extraordinary" with the ordinary.


Layer #2

@shangdal by Shangda (Harry) Li

The picture I received consists of only one sofa, one child and one cat, so I intended to add some elements to extend what this picture can possibly mean, as I know my second layer will be passed to the next person and we have 4 rounds left. I depict the child thinking about milk while the cat thinking about fish, because I want to show for these two main characters, even though they are physically close, what they are paying attention to are distant.


Layer #3

@tianjunm did layer #3

With everyone's effort on making interesting alternations to the original photo, I identified the action of revising & spreading meme photos. Since there's a real object in the photo, I start to relate the object with the spread of memes. Using the satirical way to describe an action just as what popular memes do, I added some texts to criticize people who spread photos of their properties in a way that hides their intention to show off.