Lord Of The Rings

Made by Jacob Weiss

Created: November 17th, 2014


Artistical voice processing: For this piece, I wanted a dark tone, as this is from a very climactic part of Return of the King. I added some basic noise reduction, normalization, and a very slight amount of reverb (which is barely able to be heard, but the vocals sounded better with the effect turned on). In general, I used some basic piano and string loops, some ominous drone sounds, and sound effects spread throughout to create the soundscape.

Loops: As stated above, I used piano and string loops. I started with soft piano and slowly built up the loops to create tension. I eventually built up to a place where there were a few loops on top of each other, until most of them abruptly cut out as Gollum falls into the volcano with the ring.

Beginning: I started the piece with a thunder crack to get the listeners attention, and then, with some background sounds to create the soundscape, I added a piano loop behind the vocals.

Form: I mostly covered this in the "loops" section, but after using a piano loop, I layered more and more loops on top, and then eventually cut most of the loops out for dramatic effect.