We want to explore designing a digital hybrid object that would allow someone to forget and accept these painful memories through the act of transformation.

Created: February 23rd, 2019



When you experience the death of a loved one, you have no control over the emotions you feel and the significant memories that stay with you after the event. You want to remember your loved one but the pain can be all too consuming. We want to explore designing a digital hybrid object that would allow someone to let go of this pain and accept what has happened through some act of positive transformation.



Genvita is a self-sustaining ecosystem that helps an individual let go of the pain associated with losing a loved one.

The name is a combination of the Latin words "gentem" meaning revival and "vita" meaning life. 

Final Video


There are two components to the product: the plant ecosystem and a controller. After the seed is planted in the ecosystem, the individual removes the controller from the top of the ecosystem and carries it with him to externalize some of the anxiety or sadness associated with the loss. Thus, the controller acts as an interacting medium between what the person is feeling and the environment inside the ecosystem. The more a user ‘fidgets’ with the controller the more fog is disseminated in the environment and eventually when you’ve processed your emotions of the event and fidget less with the controller there is less fog surrounding the plant. Ultimately when you no longer need to fidget with the controller you can place it back on top of the box and see the plant that has grown inside.


Product Image