Midi Marimba

Made by Kevin Lee

Created: November 19th, 2014



This melody is an original composition in the key of C at 130 bpm quantized to every 1/16 note. The objective of the song was to tell a simple story. Initially, there is a very simple melody that repeats and sets a serene tone. It then breaks down into a set of droning notes that repeat. It gradually builds into a fast paced melody that gives the feeling of haste and intensity. A synthetic marimba was chosen because it does a good job of conveying serenity and intensity at different tempos. The song has the overall vibe of many 8-bit video game soundtracks.


The overall form of the song is AABCC. The first and final segments repeat once with small additions to add to their build up. The 2nd A has added lower and upper harmonies and the 2nd C has added upper harmonies. The song as a whole is asymmetric. There are very distinct beginning, middle, and end phases.