Movable Desk Organizer

Made by Hanna Jang

A Desk Organizer that is flexible in characteristic. The flexibility comes from the different movable parts.

Created: March 9th, 2018



The main idea behind my project is to create a usable solution to my continuous problem of a messy desk. This time, I wanted to create a solution that fit the theme of "movable" as determined for this final project's guidelines. I thought this would be fitting with the flexibility needed for a makeup organizer solution, fit for my desk. 

I would also have a lot of fun personalizing this makeup organizer. 


Research & Context

For the design of my project, I wanted to create a viable solution that fit my need. I currently have a lot of makeup products that need a special home for them. I was thinking of buying a makeup organizer like the one shown below. However, I want to have the opportunity to customize it better to fit my style. Some ideas I have include some special cuts to reflect my style. 


Process & Procedure

After researching different styles and colors, I decided to choose a green tint acrylic to not follow the normal trend of see-through. 

I also was inspired to add personal touches such as something to signify my name as an owner. I also wanted to add designs to show that this was supposed to be used as for makeup holding purpose.

The movability in my design comes from the movement made when opening the drawers and stacking the different drawer layers. 



I first decided to design the makeup organizer by adding a "face" to it. This was to achieve my goal to signify an aesthetic as a makeup holder. I achieved this by designing a face that was accentuated with eyelashes. 

I also wanted cut out my design and assembled a paper version before I headed to the laser cutting machine. This was mostly because I was very nervous about my design. On the computer screen, I was very confused if the pieces all fit together like I wanted to. 

After my first attempt at the laser cutting machine, I failed. The cuts did not cut though the acrylic in the way I wanted. Thus, I ended up laser cutting the same design twice in a row with two different acrylic boards. 



On reflecting back on this final project, I am very satisfied with my product. I know have a very organized product to store my makeup on my desk. 

I also received help from my mechanical engineering friend, Sarah Hampton when the laser cutting was not successful the first time around. She fave me advice on how to laser cut the second time. 

Overall, the design and final product is very satisfactory to me. Especially, the movability aspect found in the drawers and the stacking of the different drawer pieces.

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A Desk Organizer that is flexible in characteristic. The flexibility comes from the different movable parts.