Made by Lisa Carter

To create a new way of brewing your tea that both enhances the tea experience and delights the user.

Created: February 4th, 2019


The Tea-Bird: A New Way to Brew Your Tea


Inspired by how birds interact with a bird bath, I sought to design a new way to brew your tea. Here's how it works:

The bird, when standing alone, normally stands upright with a slight lean backwards. The tail-feathers would act as a counterweight to keep the bird in check. 

From here, the aspiring tea-drinker would place the mug of hot water in front of the bird and attach a tea bag to the bird's beak by slipping it through a small laser-cut slot. 

The tea-drinker then touches the tea bag lightly onto the surface of the hot water. Over time, as the tea bag gets progressively more saturated with water, it will begin to sink into the mug. This will result in the bird being lowered into the water slowly over time, making the tea brewing experience a dynamic one. 


Initial Sketches