Wanderlust Bridge

Made by skoid

Wanderlust Bridge transports passers on a mini travel adventure by showcasing visuals from a "destination of the day".

Created: September 4th, 2019


What is Wanderlust Bridge?

Wanderlust Bridge transports bridge-passers on a mini travel adventure by showcasing various destinations around the globe. Utilizing Google Flights and Google Image Search, the bridge shares a "trip of the day" (flight deals within the next 30 days, curated specifically departing from Pittsburgh). Wanderlust Bridge aims to inspire, delight, and inform passers on the bridge or spectators on the street to travel and explore. 

The visuals of the destinations slowly and subtly change depending on the time of day of that destination. For example, in the images below, Machu Picchu in Peru is shown during the day in Peru and in Pittsburgh, as Peru is only one hour behind Pittsburgh. Contrastingly, the second image below showcases the Northern lights in Norway during the late afternoon/evening in Pittsburgh, as Norway is 6 hours ahead of Pittsburgh.

These subtle changes allow passers to experience something different each time they are on the bridge and it displays a "live" representation of that destination. The visuals do not need a prompt from passers to "begin" or "end"; The bridge acts as an ambient visual, and passers can engage or disengage as much as they want with the visuals/information shared. If passers are interested in the destination, they can scan the QR code at either side of the bridge for the flight search/details on Google Flights and can continue their search on their own. (See below for details). 

Wanderlust Bridge during the day (Peru is 1 hour behind Pittsburgh)
Machu pichhu ex.thumb
Wanderlust Bridge during the evening (Norway is 6 hours ahead of Pittsburgh)
Northern lights ex.thumb

User Experience

As passers approach Wanderlust Bridge, they see visuals of a destination in the world. Intrigued, the passer slowly walks through the bridge—occasionally stopping to admire the landscape. As the passer approaches the end of the bridge, there is a subtle prompt saying "Experience this in real life" along with a QR code below. The passer scans the QR code and immediately receives the flight search/deal. The passer can continue the search at their discretion or share the flight details with others. 

Passers on the bridge choose how much they would like to experience on the bridge. They can engage with either side of the bridge, as each window will be showcasing the same visual and each end of the bridge has the same prompt and QR code (to minimize traffic jams on the bridge).

Observers from outside can gaze above at the destinations (that will change every 24 hours). 

Experience from Inside Wanderlust Bridge
Interior example.thumb
Scan the QR code at the end of the bridge for flight details
Phone ex.thumb
Sample Destination Time Lapses
Shawn Koid - https://youtu.be/jIRScfmZTps

Wanderlust Bridge x Design Requirements

Wanderlust Bridge integrates Google Flights and Google Image Search in an inviting, inspiring, and unobtrusive way. Passers are invited to engage as much or as little as they would like. For example, a passer who is not necessarily interested in traveling could walk through the bridge and appreciate a change of scenery, or completely ignore it; a passer who may be thinking of their next trip may be inspired by the Wanderlust Bridge experience. Furthermore, if interested, the passer can easily get started on their flight search by scanning the QR code, which gives him/her the best deal. (Please note, that prices may vary depending on the dates selected by the user). Additionally, if passers ultimately choose not to travel, they can still come to the bridge for a "break" and feel that they are transported to another country. 

While spectators on the street might not be able to access the QR code, they are invited to enjoy the visual display of a beautiful destination and even be inspired to look up flights for that specific destination. 

Data Flow Diagram
Wanderlust bridge dataflow.thumb


Pro Diffusion Film (5 ft tall)—$30.64/foot (x32 ft x4 sides of windows) = $3,921
Ultra High-Definition Projector—$1,799.00 (x8) = $14,392
Total: $18,313

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Wanderlust Bridge transports passers on a mini travel adventure by showcasing visuals from a "destination of the day".