Sound Project: MIDI Sequence

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Record a sequence and quantize it [10p]
• Minimum requirement C major scale: simplifying use basically the
keyboard white keys and start with C (or E or G) and end with C (or E) [10p]
• 20‐60 sec. [10p]
• Apply some concept from Belkin chapters “Beginning” or “Elaboration / Continuation I”, and also decide the basic form of it before starting
• Upload at Gallery the logic file (give link) and exported piece in mp3 (320 kbps, soundcloud and link) [10p] and give a short explanation
• Objectives of the piece and how they are achieved: think of tempo, mood, etc. [20p] • Relate to Belkin chapters and give the basic form of your work (AB, ABA...) [20p]
• Give critique for three works listing their names in your comment [20p]

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