Sound Project: Voice and Music

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Use your voice recordings to create a piece
Use loops available in your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to accompany voice, think of the mood, the tempo (slow/fast), the layering of different loops, etc. that better match your objective with the piece
Process the voice in an artistically appropriate manner relating to the text: search your formants and EQ them, try echo and other effects…
Apply some concept from Belkin’s chapter “Beginning” and also decide the basic form of the piece before starting

Upload at Gallery the piece and a short technical and artistic explanation
Artistical voice processing: objectives and how they are achieved (explain the processing applied) [25p]
Loops: objectives and how they are achieved (including the technical part of selection, layering and mixing) [25p]
Comment the concept/s from Belkin’s chapter Beginning that you have used and explain the form of your piece: its sections, and if any of them appear several times [25p]
Give critique on three works, writing in your comment the name of the three works [25p]

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